Fiberglass Antenna



Complete the Ultimate Base Camp, Chase Truck, or Pit Setup with this Fiberglass Antenna. Get 20% more radio range and over-all improved reception and transmission by adding this antenna to your radio. Elevate the antenna with a telescoping flagpole to improve line of sight with your race vehicle. FEATURES: High performance, 200 watts power rating Low SWR and broader band. Weatherproof Flag Pole Mounting Bracket High Gain Mast diameter accepted is 1 3/16" to 2 7/16" – UHF Connector. We reccommend using this 35' HD coaxial cable with this pole. Height MHz Gain 7' 4" Tall (single piece) 154 7 dB Works best with optional Telescoping Flagpole Cannot be shipped USPS. Must choose FedEx or UPS shipping option. Please note – the reference for weight on this product is not accurate. Actual weight is 4.5 lbs. It's set at 40 lbs to accurately represent shipping costs for an oversized package via FedEx and UPS.

Weight 40 oz


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